Classrooms of the future

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By Hope Education

Are we teaching children the digital skills needed for the ‘tech revolution’? Take a look at this article to explore the revolutionary concepts on the horizon for classroom learning.

Today’s students are born into a world of technology, surrounded by computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions as well as games consoles and other toys too. Studies have found that the children of today are now hard-wired to learn in a new way entirely; based on an evolution in thinking and processing patterns resulting from being exposed to technology from an early age.

With over 65,000 Apps now available for education alone and over 8 million iPads in circulation in schools across the globe, there is more reason than ever for schools to turn to digital resources to engage children in the classroom. We must aim to foster a tech-savvy generation.

Hope Education have interviewed several primary school pupils, from different schools up and down the country, in a short film to ask them what they think the classroom of the future will be like … with some very interesting results.

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