Circle time: Relationships

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By Jenny Mosley — Founder of the Whole-School Quality Circle Time Consultancy

Address the theme of relationships with this creative circle time activity

This article was originally written in the context of the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning), but these circle time activities could be used within PSHE education, or to address specific issues which arise in your classroom.

The three circle meetings here are designed to help children explore the complexities of relationships in manageable and interesting ways. They focus on building useful strategies for forming and maintaining fruitful relationships.

strongman lifting boxes illustration.jpg

The three meetings are brief plans that invite you to be creative. Circle meetings work best if children can relate fully to what is happening, so feel free to adapt each session so that it meets the needs of your particular group. This will ensure that your circle meetings are relevant and useful to everyone.

Session 1 Team spirit

Learning objective

I can work well in a group, cooperating with others to achieve a joint outcome.

Meeting up

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