Christopher Columbus

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By Brenda Williams

Check out this new Key Stage 2 lesson plan based around Christopher Columbus and his voyages. The lesson is also available as a slideshow with full teacher notes here.

Christopher Columbus KS2 ppt lesson plan

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History: Christopher Columbus is a significant explorer of the Renaissance period of history, who, in his quest to find a new trade route to China, is famous for reaching and colonising islands of South America.

Teacher led discussions about Christopher Columbus, his voyage across the Atlantic and the opening up of the New World to European trade will build on children’s understanding of change, cause and consequence of historical events.

Geography: Identifying the route taken by Columbus will help children to understand his reasons for embarking on his journey.

Understanding the key aspects of the Silk Routes from China to Europe, and the consequent development of towns along this famous historical trade route, will encourage children’s geographical skills and fieldwork in the use of maps.

Design Technology: Exploring life on board ships will give children an insight into the lives of sailors in the 15th century and provides the opportunity for building 3d models.

English: Discussion and comparison of pioneers and explorers will challenge children to weigh evidence and arguments about the circumstances and times of such people, taking into account the prior knowledge and planning of exploratory ventures. Collating their information into an article will define their thinking and support their factual written work about real events.

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