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By Allison Leechildminder, author and tutor.

Allison Lee offers advice on naming your business; claiming back expenses incurred on outings; and provides some ‘Transport’ activity ideas

Expert advice

Naming your childminding business

Many childminders choose to give their business a name. Whether or not you choose to name your business, or simply trade under your own name, is entirely up to you. However, having a name can be effective on leaflets, business cards and advertisements, and ‘quirky’ names can help to sell a business if they stick in people’s minds.

Ofsted have no objections to childminders giving their business a name, but they have stipulated that registrations with the appropriate authority will continue to be in the provider’s own names, regardless of whether they have a business name or not. Before deciding on what to call your business, you may like to consult with your local children’s information service and check your local telephone directory to ensure that you do not choose a name that another provider is already using.

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