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By Lorelli Mojica

An in-depth look into the proposed revised Early Learning Goals.

Young children in a nursery

Since September 2018 a selected few schools have been trailing the new EYFS goals that set out what our children in the early years are expected to do. The proposed revision plans aim to reduce the need for copious evidence collecting and the suggestion is that it will free teachers’ time so that they can focus on the children’s learning, therefore allowing them to make more solid judgements about development and progression.

With the emphasis of speaking, communication, language and literacy weaved throughout many of the revised Early Learning Goals (ELGs), our new mini-series provides inventive ideas for activities geared towards them. Each week we will release an article that focuses on a specific Area of Learning, looking at the changes that have been made and providing some simple and effective activity ideas that link to its revised ELGs. The first article will focus on Physical Development.

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