Bright Green Future – KS1 Lesson Plans

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By Eve Wensley

Cultivate a respect and love of nature and our planet, with these inspiring activities and supporting lesson plans.

plant growing

Lessons for KS2 also available

Caring about climate change and wanting to help the planet develops partly through a sense of connection to the natural world – of compassion and shared responsibility towards it. Explain to children that these lessons will introduce some new ideas and help to build their knowledge and understanding about some important points relating to climate change and caring for the natural world.

Key Stage 1 Lesson Plans

  1. Did you know Humans can cause Climates to Change?
  2. The Majestic Oak
  3. The Swallow – An Amazing Journey

Lesson 1. Did you know humans can cause climates to change?


  • To understand in simple terms how human actions are causing climate change.
  • To understand and correctly use the terms climate, cause and consequence.
  • To identify some of the consequences of climate change and begin to discuss why they matter.
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