Book-themed craft days: things that are special

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By Karen Hart

Karen Hart explores the theme of ‘Things that are special’ through book-based learning, sharing Early Years and KS1 activities she has tried out in her setting.


My Special Toy

Child holding a drawing of their favourite toy

Before starting this activity, we read the classic children’s book Dogger by Shirley Hughes. This beautiful story of the love a child has for a special toy is cherished by Early Years and Key Stage 1.

After reading the book, we talked about our favourite toys and why they are so special to us. Children loved to talk about their toys, and we found there were all sorts of reasons toys are special. For example, a soft toy panda that was given to a child when they were in hospital. Children went on to draw pictures of their special toys – they were lovely. There was a surprising amount of vocabulary development evident throughout this activity as children searched for the right words to describe their toys – fluffy, wobbly, puffy, etc.

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