Book-themed craft days: homes and families

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By Karen Hart

In this article, educational practitioner Karen Hart explores the theme of homes and families through book-based learning and shares some fun Early Years and KS1 activities she has tested in her setting.


Families Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Child holding a butterfly collage

We started this activity by reading the picture book Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison, which is a great story for starting conversations about the relationships we forge with family members. The story tells of little sister Velma, who feels likes she lives in her big sister’s shadow until a special bond with a butterfly changes everything. We went on to talk about all the different people that makeup a family and how everyone likes different things and has their own personality. We also talked about animal families and how animal parents look after their young, such as birds building cosy nests for their babies and kangaroo mothers keeping their babies in their pouches.

To follow on from the book – which proved a very popular title – we made colourful butterflies.

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