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Salty and Button

Salty and Button by Angela McAllister and Tiphanie Beeke (Macmillan, ISBN 9780230016590)

This is a heart-warming story about friendship and bravery, which my whole class really enjoyed. It encouraged a discussion of overcoming our own fears and helping our friends. Salty the heroic dog and his friend Button, a timid cat, love playing pirates, and one day follow the smell of a ‘real adventure.’ After overcoming many obstacles and a terrible time at sea, Button has to step in to save the day and is, in Salty’s words, ‘a true hero.’

The illustrations are fantastic and emotive, which make the book a lovely one to share. The children were also keen to continue reading and looking at the pictures on their own afterwards. Lauren liked it when ‘Button saved Salty because he had to be a brave shipmate.’ Kaitlynn loved ‘the sparkly, shimmering colours that look just like water.’

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