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By Celia Powellguest editor, Year 1 teacher and literacy coordinator

Celia’s class pick their top titles from a selection of the latest releases

Norma Snows cover
h3. Norma Snows by Paula Metcalf (Macmillan Children’s Books, ISBN 9780230015272)

‘Is there no end to the dazzling talents of Norma Snows?’ Well, apparently not! As the title suggests (although I was having a dim day and didn’t twig for a while), Norma has an ENORMOUS NOSE! The children loved the imaginative ways that Norma used her appendage – to hook over her Mum’s shoulder as a baby (leaving a grateful Mum with two hands free for tea and cake), to carry shopping, to reach the finishing line ahead of the pack, to twirl on the bars in gymnastics, as an aid to successful crawling, to add an extra dimension to piano playing… the list is endless. In one picture she is even drying underwear over it – much sniggering. The warm, colourful illustrations make this a definite feel-good book, ideal for school or as a bedtime story.

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