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By Jackie Morrisartist and illustrator

This month we look at a selection of books about those most ferocious of fairytale fiends… or are they?

Footprints in The Snow cover
h3. Footprints in the Snow by Mei Matsuoka (Andersen Press, ISBN 9781842706244)

Wolf is a creative sort, who loves nothing more than a good book. So one winter’s day he sits himself down, cosy by the fire, and reads all the books he has in his wonderful wolf library, that are about, well, wolves of course. But he is dismayed to find that all the wolves he reads about are ‘nasty, scary and greedy.’ So he sets out to write his own story about Mr Nice Wolf, to show that wolves have a softer side…

The reader is taken along through the brightly illustrated pages of Wolf’s story, as his misjudged main character follows the footprints in the snow in order to find a friend. Inevitably, Wolf’s natural instinct gets the better of him and he gets carried away in his own imagination. The duck suddenly starts to look rather tasty. But then a knock on the door leads to a twist in the tale, as there, outside his door, are footprints in the snow…

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