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Key Stage 1

The Princess Who Had No Kingdom

The Princess Who Had No Kingdom by Ursula Jones, illustrated by Sarah Gibb (Orchard, £5.99 PB)

In this feel-good fairytale, a beautiful but impoverished girl wanders the land with her horse and cart, in search of a kingdom of her own. All the traditional boxes are ticked (mean queen, grand ball, happy ending) but Ursula Jones throws in a few modern updates (a jester mentions that his ‘contract ran out’). Still, it’s Sarah Gibb’s illustrations that really take your breath away; each page is dripping with ornate twirls and embellishments, with her silhouette work in particular stealing the show.

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  1. jessica nicholson
    on 7 March 2016

    dork diarys

    this book is amazing i have read most of the books and i would recomend this book