Blooming spring
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By Beverley Michaelan early years writer

Article originally published on 22nd May 2008

Create a spring display and add to it all the wonderful things the new season brings.


Spring scene

Expressive arts and design

Being imaginative

At child height, create a display to represent spring in the countryside. Use various textures and materials to show different aspects, for example, a corrugated cardboard ploughed field, cotton-wool clouds or green velvet fabric grass.

Look at photographs, pictures and books showing the countryside in the spring. Ask the children to talk about what they might see if they went for a country walk during spring.

Set up a craft table with a selection of collage and drawing materials. Invite the children to create features of spring, such as farmers, tractors, sheep and lambs, spring flowers, rabbits, birds, butterflies, scarecrows and so on. Help them to cut out their creations and add them to the display with sticky tape, glue or Blu-Tack.

Provide some twigs and suggest that the children crumple up white and pink tissue paper to stick on to create blossom. Attach the blossom trees to the display using sticky tape. Provide craft sticks or smaller twigs for the children to make fences for the frieze. Encourage the children to use their imagination when creating their spring pictures to add to the display.

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