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By Kate Element — Supplement Editor

Everyone loves a trip out and we all know that the benefits are often immeasurable. Now, with a recent government initiative encouraging learning outside the classroom, there’s even more reason to start planning some great days out

The beauty of a visit to somewhere new – whether it is a science centre or a zoo, a theme park or a museum – is that it can spark new interests and set children off on exciting journeys of discovery. And it is not just the academic learning that is important on a school trip. Giving the children the opportunity to be creative, to develop their personal and social skills and to learn how to cope when facing unfamiliar situations and challenges, is all part of the valuable experience. And you can be sure that children will remember their days out long after they’ve forgotten some of their other classroom lessons! The life skills they learn will be with them forever.

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As long as you can show that your organisation of the trip has been meticulous and risk assessment has been an on-going aspect then whatever happens you will not be personally liable for negligence.

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