Autumn activities for babies

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By Lorelli Mojica

Practise early learning and development skills as you explore these autumn inspired activities with babies.

Baby in the autumn

Activities in this article:

  1. Listen to the leaves
  2. What shape?
  3. Top marks in autumn
  4. Sleepy animals
  5. Turning over a new leaf
  6. Kick start autumn
  7. Splash with me

Activity 1

Listen to the leaves

EYFS Area of learning > Communication & language > Listening, Attention and Understanding

What you need:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Natural autumn materials such as dried leaves, conkers, twigs etc.

What to do

How a baby listens goes hand in hand with their communication and interactions with the key adults around them. The positive reactions that adults show when a baby attempts to communicate helps the baby to feel valued and reassures them that they will be responded to in a caring and attentive way. Whether through talk, songs or play activities, positive interactions with the baby are key, as are the adults own skills of how to interpret and respond to the baby’s attempts at communication.

Explore autumn sounds by reusing clear plastic bottles and filling them with natural materials like leaves, twigs, pebbles and water. During tummy time, shake the bottles and invite young babies, who are not able to reach out yet, to find where the different autumn sounds may be coming from. Encourage them to turn their heads towards the stimulus, adding support when necessary by calling their name. A giggle, a sound, a wave of a hand, kicks or a gurgle are all ways in which your baby may react and communicate. Remember to celebrate and respond attentively to your baby’s efforts.

Older babies can try shaking the bottles themselves to explore autumn sounds and cause and effect, or explore the noises that are made by scrunching and grasping dried leaves.

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