Attack of the germs

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The human body is under attack 24 hours a day. Prepare for combat with these awesome activities

Attack of the germs!

The invisible germs, bacteria and viruses that can make us ill reach our bodies in many different ways. They can enter through the air we breathe, from dirty water and food, or from contact with animals or insects that carry diseases. These are serious issues, but the children should be made aware that it is far from doom and gloom. The purpose of the following activities is to emphasise, through an interactive game and role play, that despite the threat, we are all in a state of readiness to meet these troublesome microbes. Indeed, the body has an immune system poised and ready to deal with invasion, and there is also much we can do to protect ourselves by eating the correct food, being careful about personal hygiene, and taking plenty of exercise on a regular basis.

Zap the germs!

Ages 7-9

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