Assessment: Purposeful learning

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By Gillian Ravenscroft — science coordinator and freelance writer

Assessment for Learning can help show how much a child really understands

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning is about questioning, observation and discussion

As the demand to report progress through termly targets and sub-levels becomes increasingly more frantic, the word ‘assessment’ can be enough to drive many a self-respecting teacher towards the edge. Assessment for Learning however, is something quite different altogether. Rather than measuring what children can do, the aim here is to use summative and formative assessment as part of a dynamic process to directly improve their learning. Emphasis is on questioning, observation and discussion to build up a picture of just how much individual children understand about their work.

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  1. vron
    on 17 October 2011

    Assessment: Purposeful learnin

    I found this article useful and informative. It has helped to sign post me to further areas of reading and gaps in my own understanding.