Animal Antics Obstacle Course

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Obstacle courses are an old favourite in the early years setting with good reason. Add a twist by turning your obstacle course into an ‘animal playground’ – and encourage your children to jump, wriggle and slither their way around the course.

obstacle course

What to do:

Make a list of different movements, decide which ones you want to focus on and create an obstacle course that utilises your chosen movements; for example, crawling through a play tunnel, slithering across a ground sheet, stepping in and out of hoops, balancing on a bench. You could also display these action station cards around the course to encourage the children to try different movements. Where possible, give the obstacle course an ‘animal playground’ theme; incorporate the climbing frame and tie on green fabric streamers and balloons painted to look like coconuts, put a grey blanket over a table to form a cave, add a net for children to crawl under, cut out large paw prints to make stepping stones, create a blue fabric pond to jump across and so on.

Let the children explore the obstacle course, and once they are familiar with it, suggest pretending to be an animal. Help them to explore ways of modifying and controlling their movements to fit with the animal’s characteristics; for example, an elephant would move in a slow and lumbering manner, a giraffe would stretch up tall, a rabbit would hop, a mouse would scuttle quickly and a seal would slither its way across the obstacle course. Show the children resource sheet 2 for examples of animal movements. At the end of the course, award each child with a rosette (see rosette template) and ask them to draw a picture of their chosen animal on the rosette.

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