A festival of fibs

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By Rob Parkinson — Storyteller, Author and Musician.

Rob Parkinson celebrates the ancient art of lying…


In the once and never land of perhaps and maybe, they held an annual festival of fibs. Speakers would vie with each other to produce the tallest and most wildly improbable tale of the day, each wanting to win an enormous rainbow rosette and the coveted title of Fabulous Fibber. One year a pompous preacher silenced them all with a long and passionate sermon on the evils of lying. “Lying is dreadfully wrong,” he concluded. “I myself have never told a lie.” Well, it was a unanimous decision. The preacher was presented with the rosette and the title, having told the biggest fib of all.

Fabulous Fibs (story game)

  • Choose a storyteller.
  • Storyteller tells fabulous fib (eg, they visited the moon/flew on their beds) – just a sentence or two will do to begin with.
  • Group or partner asks a set number of questions (say 7) about this. Direct doubt (‘That’s impossible!’ etc) is forbidden. Questions should be open.
  • Whatever the storyteller says is true. She or he wins by answering all questions.
  • The story emerging from the game is retold.
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