A Patchwork of Marks

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By Hilary White

The activity of mark making is one of the foundation stones of writing. As a first step towards writing, children need to discover that they can create permanent marks on a surface. This activity encourages children of all ages to mark make and helps them to explore a wide variety of techniques.

A Patchwork of Marks

What to do

Make a list of mark-making techniques and resources, and keep adding to the list as new ideas come up. Some possibilities include: pencils (coloured, graphite, HB and B); thick and thin marker pens on card and whiteboards; wax crayons; chalk on card, blackboard and paving slabs; painting with different sized and shaped brushes; making prints and stencils; scratching into thick paint, damp clay and viscous substances such as oatmeal; spraying, splattering and flicking paint and water; creating temporary patterns with natural items; stitching onto paper, card and fabric.

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