A Garden Fete – Physical Development activity idea

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Traditional garden fetes include many simple but fun games that offer great opportunities to practise hand-eye co-ordination and ball skills.


What to do

Set up a variety of games including Rainbow Skittles, Tin Can Pyramids, Hoop Toss, Underneath the Arches and Hook a Duck! (for more details see below or download this resource sheet). Help the children try out the different games to learn how to use them, then let them move round each activity in small groups. To add to the garden fete theme, supply a small prize for each game such as a badge or a token that can be exchanged for a medal to wear at the end of the activity. Once the children are familiar with the games, encourage them to develop their skills; for example, use smaller balls for Rainbow Skittles and Underneath the Arches, ask them to stand further back when they throw their hoops and challenge them to fish for a particular duck.

  1. Rainbow Skittles
  2. Tin Can Triangles
  3. Hoop Toss
  4. Underneath the Arches
  5. Hook a Duck
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