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By Jean Evansearly years consultant and author

Create some delicious food and drink for friends and family as you explore nursery rhymes with a culinary theme

illustration of children cooking

1 The Queen of Hearts

Make some delicious jam tarts by following a recipe

Communication, Language and Literacy


Development matters: know information can be relayed in the form of print (30-50 months); know that information can be retrieved from books and computers (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: explore and experiment with sounds, words and texts.

What you need

Group size: four children.

Activity sheet for ‘Jam tart recipe’; utensils and ingredients as listed on the Activity sheet; selection of recipe books; computer and internet access.

What to do

Before carrying out this activity, ask for parental permission for the children to taste and handle foods. Check for any food allergies and dietary requirements.

Say the rhyme ‘The Queen of Hearts’ together. Invite the children to talk about how the queen might have made her tarts.

Read the Activity sheet with the children. Then look at the recipe books and recipes on the internet and make comparisons. What does the Activity sheet have to support those who cannot read the words? Encourage the children to follow the sheet to make jam tarts, using the illustrations to help.


Provide one-on-one support for the children when making the tarts.

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