A space trip to the stars!

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By Peter Rileywriter and author of the Hot Topics series

Use this fun creative topic to take children on a trip to the stars giving you the chance to bring into science fact some science fiction


  1. Getting ready for the trip
  2. Making and ‘flying’ a spacecraft
  3. The solar system
  4. The stars
  5. A new world

Take a look at the resources that come with this topic.

1. Getting ready for the trip

The day before the activity send a letter home asking each child to bring in a T-shirt. Take a look at astronauts living on a spacecraft. Use books or visit: www.spaceflight.nasa.gov and click on ‘Shuttle’ or ‘Station’ to see images of the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station. The children will see that astronauts wear casual clothes in their spacecraft for maximum comfort (they only wear spacesuits when they go outside into space). Ask the children to put on their T-shirts as their ‘indoor space clothes’.

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