Charity assembly – The Poor Woman
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This week’s assembly looks at charity. We explore what charity is and look at how it is not just about giving and forgetting, it has to be about caring. and we can all do our bit regardless of wealth.


  • To recognise the choices they can make
  • To realise that people and other living things have needs

Main assembly (Preview)

This assembly is taken from Assemble and sing! For Ages 5-7 by Paul Noble and Stuart Watkinson (Scholastic, 978 0439945752, £30).

In Mark 12: 41–44 are recorded remarks made by Jesus when a poor woman gave two mites (low denomination Roman coins) to the temple treasury. The woman is commended by Jesus because she gave all that she had, albeit very little in monetary terms, the implication being that the motivation of the giver and the relative value of the gift made it more worthy. (NB. There are other contrary interpretations.) In an assembly for young children it is sufficient to stress that charitable giving is good, however small the gift and of course that, ‘the gift of love is free’.

Key ideas

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