A miniature world

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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Spark the children’s imagination and encourage their creativity with some wonderful small-world toys

Small world

1 Moving house

Help the dolls to pack up and move house

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Designing and Making

Development matters: investigate various construction materials (30-50 months); construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: build and construct with a wide range of objects, selecting appropriate resources and adapting their work where necessary.

What you need

Group size: whole group.

‘Moving house’ activity sheet (back of A2 ‘Outdoor toys’ poster); doll’s house with dolls and furniture; recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes and pots; child scissors; sticky tape; glue; paper; string; card; toy truck.

What to do

Look at the sequence of pictures on the activity sheet with the children and talk about what happens when someone moves house.

Explain that the dolls in the doll’s house are moving, and they need the children’s help to pack things up safely. Invite the children to make boxes and packages for the dolls’ items.

Work with the children to use a variety of materials to wrap and enclose the furniture. Help them to make their own boxes or adapt recyclable boxes.

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