A Christmas story – Brown Bear

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By Brenda Williamspoet and writer

Introduce some festive fun into English lessons – join Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co as they adventure to Lapland!

Teddy bear and fairy illustration

Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co

Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co

The story of ‘Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co’ can be accessed either as Activity sheets or as an exciting Interactive story page turner with beautiful illustrations.

Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co

The story

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone in the house is tucked up in bed dreaming of the big day to come. Little do they know that the toys under the Christmas tree are coming to life. Brown Bear, Reindeer, Sledge and Puppy dream of seeing Lapland and thanks to the help of the fairy on top of the tree, their wish is granted and off they fly. As they land, the toys see real reindeer, visit Santa’s workshop and get to see where they came from. They return home in time for Christmas morning and only Mum and Dad know something’s a miss when they spot Reindeer with something new around his neck!

You can either read the story aloud with your class using the Interactive story page turner (subscribers only) or hand out Activity sheets , ‘Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co’ for independent reading. The wonderful illustrations help bring the toys to life. Once you have read the story, follow it up with the activities on pages 37-38.


  1. Finding Lapland
  2. Where was your Teddy Bear born?
  3. Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co
  4. Planning an adventure
  5. Writing the story
  6. Reindeer
  7. Bears
  8. The Christmas tree
  9. Traditions
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