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One Day

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By Ann Bryant is the author of Pictures, Poems & Percussion 2

Use a poem and imaginative illustration to stimulate creative music making

one day illustration

The Interactive resource, ‘One Day’ (an audio version of the Poster) features a reading of the poem by Ann Bryant set to a percussion backing. Enjoy the delicate voiceover and equally atmospheric instrumental music to stimulate ideas in the classroom.

You can also download the wonderfully illustrated Poster,, ‘One Day’.

book cover

‘One Day’ is featured in Pictures, Poems & Percussion 2 by Ann Bryant (Out of the Ark Music, PB + CD £24.95)

Poetry is music. This is the concept behind Pictures, Poems & Percussion 2 by Ann Bryant (Out of the Ark Music, PB + CD £24.95) a resource that demonstrates how on its own, poetry can convey rhythm, tempo, timbre and dynamics – but when combined with pictures and percussion, can help to develop musical skills far beyond the rhythm of words. As well as inspiring music, the poems may also encourage actions, movement and dance, too.

In this article, Ann suggests activities to use with one of the poems from Pictures, Poems & Percussion 2, ‘One Day’ – a beautiful, atmospheric poem about the future and the possibility of parallel worlds. The words and enchanting picture for ‘One Day’ are available on the Poster, ‘One Day’. All readers can also access the Poster online along with the Interactive resource, ‘One Day’ that features a reading of the poem to music.

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