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By Helen Bromleyfreelance consultant and writer

Make the children in your setting the centre of attention with more ideas from Helen Bromley’s book M is for Me! This second article in a series of three offers further ideas for using resources to make the alphabet exciting

B is for brachiosaurus

...’b’ is for ‘brachiosaurus’

This dinosaur page is a sample from the complete dinosaur alphabet in M is for Me!. You can use it to talk about the oversized brachiosaurus, and compare him to the ankylosaurus from last month’s download.

...’b’ is for ‘benefits of technology’

If you read last month’s article, you will know that the downloadable taster pages provide a template for inserting photos of the children in your setting holding familiar objects beginning with the focus letter.

This month, encourage the children to find objects beginning with the letter ‘b’. These could be found in the setting, at home or outdoors. When they have collected the objects, take photos of the children holding them.

Insert the photos on to the template page, and complete the text box below. If you are not sure about how to do this, simply go to the first page and click on the ‘Show me how’ for a step-by-step tutorial. You can create multiple copies of the page to accommodate all the photos that you have taken.

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