Dancing Ganapati

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By Debjani Chatterjeepoet

Central to this on-screen resource is an audio poem, ‘Dancing Ganapati’, read by the poet, Debjani Chatterjee. Additional screens give information on the author, on Ganapati, and the religious and cultural significance of elephants in history.

In Hindu culture, Ganapati is the the God of Wisdom and Good Luck and the ‘Remover of Obstacles’. His name means ‘Lord of the Ganas’ – the ganas being demi-gods who attend on Ganapati’s father, Shiva. He is also popularly called Ganesh or Ganesa. His elephant head has earned him the epithet Gajanan (‘Elephant-face’).


Shared learning and teaching

Before reading

Display the name ‘Debjani Chatterjee’ on the board. What would the children like to know about this person? Bank the questions and refer back to them later.

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