Island project — building the settlement

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By Christina Bakerwriter and educational journalist

Explore the purpose of settlements in the next instalment of our new geography series


Curriculum links

NC: Geography 1a-e; 2a, c-g; 3a-g; 4a-b; 5a-b; 6d. PSHE 1a; 2a, e.

QCA: Geography Unit 3 – An island home; Unit 7 – Weather around the world; Unit 9 – Village settlers; Unit 18 – Connecting ourselves to the world; Unit 22 – A contrasting locality overseas; Unit 24 – Passport to the world.

Reviewed curriculum: Historical, geographical and social understanding – 1b, 2d, M7-9, L8-11. PSHE – 1a, c; 2a, b, d-f.

This is the second article in our ‘Island project’ series that shows you how to guide your class through a cross-curricular project in which they create their own fictional island settlement. It aims to provide a fun and interactive way of teaching children about basic geographical principles – how and why communities develop and their impact on the local environment, as well as issues surrounding PSHE and citizenship. Last month (Aug ‘09 issue), children were invited to research a number of different archipelagos around the world (in terms of location, climate, landscape, and so on) and choose a location in which to build their settlement. They were then asked to use the Poster, ‘Island project’ (also available in the Aug ‘09 print issue) to think about where on the fictional island they would build their settlement.

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