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By Damian Kelleherfreelance writer

Discover what really happens when the Monster of the Woods comes knocking…

Tappity-Tap What Was That?

Tappity Tap! What Was That? by Clare Freedman and Russell Julian (Scholastic, £10.99) tells the story of how Owl, Rabbit and Mouse call a very important meeting to discuss the Monster of the Woods, and what they should do just in case he comes knocking. Owl makes a list of the best plan of action:

1 To lock the door.

2 Pull the curtains shut.

3 Pretend you’re not at home.

That night, it’s dark and stormy outside when Owl hears a ‘Tappity-Tap!’ on his door. He locks the door, pulls the curtains shut and pretends he’s not at home. However, he soon realises it’s only Rabbit who’s also frightened of the monster. Then, Mouse turns up, and he’s just as scared as his friends. Finally, there’s another ‘Tappity-Tap!’ at the door. The three creatures are petrified – it must be the Monster of the Woods! Sure enough, it is the monster. But, instead of being big, hairy and scary, the three friends discover he’s instead rather small, not horribly hairy and actually rather frightened – just like them. What’s more, when they get to know him, he’s really quite friendly.

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