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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Extend your ‘People who help us’ theme with these activities focusing on some more people who help us

I love you, Mummy

I love you Mummy.jpg

Communication, Language and Literacy

Talk with the children about the ways that their parents and carers help them by giving them support and encouragement. For example, they smile, say well done, give hugs and use comforting words or phrases such as ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’. Invite the children to talk about how they feel when they receive a smile from their parents or carers. Do they feel loved, happy, pleased, content and reassured? Provide the children with a large sheet of card. Help them to trim the card into a long crescent to represent the shape of a big smile. Invite the children to decorate the smile with pens, paints or collage materials. Help the children to write a simple, personal message on the back of the smile, for example, ‘To mummy, I love you, from Hugo’.

Fun with Grandad

Fun with Grandad

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Talk to the children about the different ways in which their grandparents help them. For example, some grandparents sit and listen to their grandchildren; some are very good at talking to their grandchildren about interesting facts or real stories from their past; while others take their grandchildren out and about to visit interesting places. Some grandparents are good at doing fun things at home such as baking cakes, reading books or playing in the garden, while others are able to look after their grandchildren while their parents are at work. Provide the children with a small heart-shaped sheet of card. Invite the children to decorate the heart with an abstract pattern of kisses, hearts or circles to represent hugs. Help the children to attach a loop of string or a magnet to the back of the heart as a gift for their special person.

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