Teddy bears’ picnic: Food, glorious food

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By Sharon Campbellearly years practitioner, after-school club manager and freelance writer

You can’t have a teddy bears’ picnic without any food! Enjoy these fun activities that focus on picnic food to develop writing skills, quantity and shape recognition

Food, glorious food

1 Shopping list

Make a list of food that you will need for a picnic

Communication Language and Literacy


Development matters: distinguish between the different marks they make (22-36 months); use writing as a means of recording and communicating (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: attempt writing for different purposes, using features of different forms such as lists, stories and instructions.

What you need

Group size: small groups.

Paper; pencils; pretend food; examples of shopping lists; whiteboard.

What to do

Talk to the children about their favourite foods and ask why they like them. Discuss with the children the type of foods they might take on a teddy bears’ picnic. What do they think a teddy bear’s favourite sandwich filling is? As the children give their ideas, write them on the whiteboard.

Point to the words on the whiteboard and help the children to identify the different letter sounds in each word. Then, show them examples of shopping lists. Have they ever used a shopping list when they have gone shopping with their families?

Ask the children to write a list of several items that they would take on a picnic. Encourage them to use the words on the whiteboard and the pretend food to help them with ideas for their shopping list.

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