Whatever the weather board game

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By Michael Wardfreelance education writer

Dress for success with this fun board game that teaches children about the seasons

board game

In this game based on the seasons, the first player to reach the finish square is the winner. To reach the finish square, children will need to assemble an assortment of different clothing to help them weather the different seasons.


  • You will need a copy of the ‘Whatever the weather’ game board (see ‘below) and a counter for each player. You can also find an interactive version of the game board below.
  • Print out both sheets of game cards (see Activity sheets 3 and 4, below), photocopy, and cut out the cards. This should give you a total of 40 cards. Divide these into their seasonal decks – so that you have a pile of ten spring cards, ten summer cards, ten autumn cards and ten winter cards.
  • Assemble the seasonal spinner by cutting out the circle and the pointer on Activity sheet 2.
  • Print and cut out the reference card (see Activity sheet 2). It is helpful for each team to have a copy, to refer to throughout the game.
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