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Why is flooding in this country on the increase?

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By David Claytonauthor

The poster text poses a series of questions about the issue of flooding in the UK, followed by some simple explanations of the elements involved. It demonstrates a range of organisational and stylistic features typical of the genre, and introduces some technical vocabulary.


Shared teaching and learning

Before reading

  • Discuss weather events in the headlines. Have any happened in the UK recently? Discuss the effects of flooding as reported in the news.
  • Why do rivers flood? Assess what the children already know.

Previous learning

Children should be familiar with the differences between narrative and non-narrative texts, and be able to identify some of the features of an explanation text.

Shared reading

  • Discuss the poster’s presentation. How do we know it is non-fiction?
  • Point out that all the subheadings are questions. What will the text underneath each subheading do? Establish that this is explanation text.
  • Ask volunteers to read each section. Collect unfamiliar words, modelling strategies for pronouncing them. Use dictionaries and contextual clues to work out meanings.
  • Summarise the main points of each section in note form. How do the diagrams aid understanding?
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  1. Smunir
    on 20 January 2015


    Exactly what I was looking for, a text with features analysis.

    5out of 5