Minibeasts: Along came a spider

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By Mike Wardfreelance educational writer.

Let the children get up close and personal with some eight-legged friends

Along came a spider.jpg

1 Web spinners

Create your own striking web patterns using paper and glitter

Creative Development

Exploring Media and Materials

Development matters: create and experiment with blocks, colour and marks (16-26 months); create constructions, collages, painting and drawings (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in two or three dimensions.

What you need

Group size: small groups.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle (Puffin); large sheets of black paper; coloured sheets of paper; scissors; glue; glitter.

What to do

Read The Very Busy Spider to the children. Let the children touch the strands of the web on the different pages as they follow the story.

After sharing the story, talk about the main character. Was it right that she should have ignored her friends? Could her web have waited for another day? Look back at the pictures in the book and talk about the way the web starts off small and grows bigger and bigger as it nears completion.

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