Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Discover the rich possibilities for developing story language through this wonderful traditional tale

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Share the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, using a storybook version, or retell it orally using puppets and props. Encourage the children to join in with the repeating and patterned language, especially the questions:

  • Who’s been eating from my bowl?
  • Who’s been sitting on my chair?
  • Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

What’s it all about?

Once the children are familiar with the story, use the story pictures below to talk about the five key stages:

1 Setting the scene

The Three Bears are eating their porridge for breakfast. Baby Bear is not eating his – perhaps it is too hot? Maybe Daddy Bear or Mummy Bear suggests going for a walk while their porridge cools down. What do the children think will happen next? Prompt them to look at what can be seen out of the window of the cottage. (This will tell them that the cottage is in the wood.) Can they see anyone else? (Goldilocks.)

2 The Three Bears have gone out

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