Music: Cuckoo, where are you?

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By Jolly Music

Reinforce musical structures using simple songs in the last of our three-part series from Jolly Music

Cuckoo game

The last of our three articles on Jolly Music looks at a short question-and-answer song. This question-and-answer format provides an opportunity for learning some important musical principles, as well as forming the basis of a popular game, which will help to sharpen the children’s listening skills.

Teach the song

First sing the song ‘Cuckoo, Where are You?’, for the children to listen to (you can play the song below). Remind the children that when you are teaching the song, it is your turn to sing when you cross your arms across your chest and their turn to sing when you open them wide. Sing the first line to the children, then give the signal for them to sing it back to you. Do the same for the second line. Now repeat, but sing both lines together for the children to sing back to you.

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