Science through stories: Under the Silvery Moon

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By Sarah Stevensteacher and science coordinator

Explore the noises of the night with the latest in our series of story-based science activities

Under the Silvery Moon

Under the Silvery Moon by Colleen McKeown (Little Tiger Press, ISBN 9781845067571) introduces Key Stage 1 children to the fact that not all animals are awake during the day, but that some are nocturnal.

This is a gentle yet fun introduction to various aspects of the science curriculum, the main focus being QCA Unit 1d (Light and dark), with an emphasis on night animals. At the same time, children will get an insight into the various habitats of these animals and learn about different forms of light at night time.


This is a carefully written, descriptive story for young readers. Written in rhyme, it introduces the reader to a tiny kitten and its mother. When the kitten cannot sleep at night, its mother shows it that the sounds it can hear are really nothing to worry about. Each page conveys the sounds of a night animal and a brief explanation of what they might be doing. Each animal is clearly and beautifully illustrated, and the reader can identify night-time environments and lighting effects made by the Moon and stars.

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