Imaginary worlds: Let’s pretend

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer.

Introduce these exclusive role-play activities to the children to extend your ‘Imaginary worlds’ theme

To the rescue

1 To the rescue

Creative Development

Look at images of Batman™ and Robin™ with the children. Batman™ usually wears a black cloak and Robin™ often wears a yellow cloak. Help the children to identify other cloak colours worn by Batman™ and Robin™. Provide a selection of coloured fabrics for the children to hold around their shoulders to represent the cloaks worn by Batman™ and Robin™. Suggest that they use large empty cardboard boxes as props to represent houses, offices and stations. Invite the children to use paints or bold marker pens to decorate the boxes with simple outlines to represent windows, doors and signs.

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