Easter ‘egg’stravaganza

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer.

Celebrate Easter in style with these ‘egg’cellent activity ideas

Easter 'egg'stravaganza

How many Easter chicks?

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Help the children to make an Easter chick counting display. Provide small, round sponges and yellow paint and show the children how to print two yellow circles to represent the head and body of an Easter chick. Invite the children to use orange and black felt-tipped pens to decorate the chicks with a beak, legs and eyes. Help the children to cut out and glue the chicks on to a large sheet of paper in clusters of one to five. Let them decorate the background with green finger paints to represent grass. Display the scene on the wall and use it to inspire counting activities by asking questions such as, ‘How many chicks are there in this cluster?’, ‘Can you find a group of three chicks?’, and, ‘If one more chick joined this cluster, how many would there be altogether?’.

Egg-shaped Easter card

Communication, Language and Literacy

Invite the children to decorate an egg-shaped Easter card. Provide them with an oval of stiff card and a wide variety of decorative tools and materials, for example, crayons, felt-tipped pens, pencils, paints, pastels, sticky paper shapes, shiny paper, lace, sequins and tissue paper. Invite the children to decorate the oval to represent a beautiful Easter egg. When the oval is dry, tape a long length of ribbon to the back of the egg. Help the children to tie the ribbon around the egg with a bold knot or bow on the front. Leave the excess ribbon dangling down to create a decorative feature. Encourage the children to write a short Easter message to someone special on an oval piece of paper to stick on the back of the egg. Let the children give their card to someone special.

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