St David’s Day (Dydd Dewi Sant)

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By Rebecca WallisAssistant Editor, Literacy Time PLUS

Saint David, (Dewi Sant) is the patron saint of Wales who lived in the middle of the 1st Century


Because he lived so long ago, we don’t know very much about him, but in the 11th century a man called Rhygyfarch, the son of the bishop of St David’s Cathedral wrote an account of his life based upon books found in the cathedral, telling stories about him that may be true, or may be based on legend and myth.

David was born in Wales into the royal family of Ceredigion. No one is sure of his exact birthday, but it is thought that he was born some time before 500AD. One story about him says that when he was baptised, the blind man holding him was cured by the water used for his baptism, and a spring of fresh water came from the ground.

He was educated at a monastery near Aberaeron, in Carmarthenshire, under Saint Paulinus of Wales, a blind monk who he is said to have cured of his blindness by touching his eyes. Recognising him to be a very special man, Saint Paulinus sent him to become a missionary and he became well-known as a teacher and preacher, spreading Christianity among many Celtic tribes.

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  1. jade
    on 2 March 2017


    it was amazing try to sum it up shorter

    4out of 5