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By Antony Lishak

Nearly half a million schoolchildren have had the ‘Antony Lishak Experience’ – find out from the man himself why an author visit can be a life-changing, unforgettable event.


My mum reckons it all started when I was six, early one Saturday morning. I was really thirsty and about to go downstairs when I heard the first of my father’s violin children arrive and dived back into bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the violin; both my parents were professionals. But I could never stand the ‘vile din’ played first thing on a Saturday morning by a tone-deaf child, scratching out their own rendition of that popular classic, ‘Strangling a Cat in Three Movements’. It was then that I penned my first earning words:

‘Dear Mum, I’m dying of thirst up here, I need a glass of milk. xxx’

Rusty, our musically astute Labrador, had escaped upstairs to join me. He was a bright creature who would obediently go to any room in the house I’d tell him to. (I remember once searching his stomach for a zip, convinced he was really a small man in a dog costume.)

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