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Landing on the Moon

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By Bev Long — Educational Consultant

This interactive multimodal recount tells the reader about the Apollo 11 space mission – preparation and launch, landing and working on the Moon and the return to Earth.

It includes the audio recording of the countdown and of Neil Armstrong’s historic words, and reveals some of the opinions of people watching the event. The recount is accessed through a calendar showing the most significant dates during the mission.


Shared teaching and learning

Before reading

Recap the key features of recounts. (The text type support materials and progression papers in the Planning section of the Primary Framework for Literacy provide specific details related to each year group).

Sharing the text

  • Now introduce the resource and read the opening sentences to the children. Discuss what they already know about Apollo 11 or other space missions.
  • Show the calendar and ask whether it matters which date you look at first. Use this to assess the children’s understanding of recounts.
  • Click on the calendar and look at each date in turn. Share read some of the text on each page, supporting both decoding and language comprehension. You may wish to do this over a few days.
  • As you read each page together, make a collection of:
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  1. ryan
    on 30 November 2011