Seesaw singsong

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By Jolly Music

Get a feel for the pulse in the first of our three-part series from Jolly Music

Jolly Music

Jolly Music is a progressive course that teaches children about music through singing alone. In this new series we will walk you through music and activities that are memorable, easy to sing, and have lots of scope for activities and games. The children’s skills will be built up gradually, using plenty of repetition from week to week.

This month we look at activities based on ‘See-saw’. This four-bar song may only contain two notes, but you can extract a wealth of musical experiences from it (see above right).

Teach the song

Teach the ‘See-saw’ song – using the ‘I sing/you sing’ model: that is, you sing and the children copy you. Explain that when you cross your arms, it is your turn to sing, and when you open them wide it is their turn. This simple technique is surprisingly effective.

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