Transport: All aboard!

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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer.

Keep the children on track with these activities to help develop their movement, writing and observational skills

All aboard

1 Tickets, please

Create tickets for a role-play ticket office

Communication, Language and Literacy


Development matters: ascribe meanings to marks that they see in different places (30-50 months); use writing as a means of recording and communicating (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: attempt writing for different purposes, using features of different forms such as lists, stories and instructions.

What you need

Group size: up to four children.

Role-play area; card; paper; posters; tickets; postcards; leaflets; diaries; till; money; writing materials.

What to do

Talk about the sort of writing that the children might see in a ticket office, for example, posters, leaflets, tickets, timetables and signs. If possible, and with parental permission, take the children to visit a train ticket office to look at what happens there.

Set up your role-play area as a ticket office and provide examples of posters, leaflets and timetables. Place blank tickets, postcards, paper and writing materials in the office for the children to use in their play.

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