Transport: Fly to the sky

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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Reach for the stars with these exciting activities based on planes and rockets

Fly to the sky

1 Fly around the world

Create an interactive display

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Sense of Community

Development matters: make connections between different parts of their life experience (30-50 months); have an awareness of, and an interest in, cultural and religious differences (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: understand that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs, that need to be treated with respect.

What you need

Group size: whole group.

Large world map; display board; photographs of different places and cultures from around the world; string; map pins; card aeroplane; Blu-Tack; display table; selection of books showing different countries and cultures.

What to do

Fix the world map to the middle of the display board and place the display table beneath it. Put the books showing a range of cultures and countries on the table.

Add pins to the map in the countries for which you have pictures. Attach string to the pins and pull the pieces of string out to the edge of the map where you can fix the corresponding pictures.

Invite a child to fly the card aeroplane to one of the pins on the map. Ask them to stick the plane beside the pin, then trace the string to the picture. Discuss the picture with the group. Ask questions such as ‘What does the picture show?’ and ‘What are the people doing?’.

Repeat the activity with another child flying the plane.

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