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How to set up an experiment

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By Bev Longeducational consultant

Technical Development by Cambridge English Online Ltd

This on-screen resource allows children to practise sequencing skills in a practical, scientific context. They are invited to select equipment and sequence instructions for a floating and sinking experiment. They can then carry out a virtual trial experiment on screen and record predictions and results.


This resource is ideal for use before carrying out a real experiment on floating and sinking. Children can work individually or in pairs to support discussion.

Shared teaching and learning


  • Find out what the children already know about floating and sinking. Talk about objects that need to float or sink to work properly – boats, surfboards, submarines. Ensure that all children understand and can use the terms floating and sinking correctly.
  • Talk about previous science experiments performed. Prompt the children to think about the process, decision-making and recording involved.
  • Collect the objects used in the experiment: a cork, plastic tub, carrot, egg, metal car, pencil and an apple. Allow the children to handle these before they record their predictions on the on-screen prediction sheet.
  • After the children have used the on-screen resource, they will need to have access to a range of objects and materials that they can use in their own practical experiments.
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