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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Explore the different kinds of animals, plants and trees that live in the rainforest


1 Animal magic

Go wild and move like rainforest creatures

Physical Development

Movement and Space

Development matters: move freely with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, such as slithering, shuffling, rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, skipping, sliding and hopping (30-50 months); experiment with different ways of moving (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: move with confidence, imagination and in safety.

What you need

Group size: whole group.

A2 ‘Rainforest’ poster; large space; lively music, CD or tape player.

What to do

Look at the poster of the rainforest. Identify the animals together and invite the children to suggest a type of movement that each animal would make, such as sliding like a snake or hopping like a frog. Ask them to demonstrate the movements.

Encourage the children to think about general movements that would happen in rainforests, such as drumming rain and swaying leaves and branches.

Play your chosen music and encourage the children to carry out the different movements, using all of the available space.


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