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The First Rainbow

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By Brenda Williams — Poet and Author

Brenda Williams has based this story on a North American folk tale describing how the first rainbow was made. The main character, Nanbozho, is bored of all the flowers being white and decides to paint them different colours. Two birds come along and spread the colours across the sky. The story has a good number of high frequency words and many sentences have a simple structure, making it a great read for Year 1 children.

The first rainbow - Guided reading leaflet

These teachers’ notes accompany the Guided reading leaflet in Literacy Time PLUS Ages 5 to 7 November 2008.


Before reading

  • What is a folk tale? Which other folk tales do the children know?
  • Review the reading strategies you have been focusing on. Remind the children about the ae phoneme and how it can be spelled in alternative ways – particularly ai, as this appears many times in paint and rainbow.

Previous learning

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